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Sahin G. (Things)

Dusty Overland

Age : 1986

Residence :  (Westerwald)

Hobbies : Camping, Bushcraft, Offroad Driving, Producing Music, Film/Photo Creating


It all started for me about 3 years ago when my girlfriend's car slowly broke and I needed something new. 

Since I like being outdoors, taking photos and filming, I needed something that was all-terrain.... 

Since I don't really know that much about cars, I had the choice between Jimny or Duster..... 

I chose the Duster because the point; Family was also in the foreground and I had to make compromises. 

After I then dealt with what four-wheel drive actually is and what such a vehicle can do off paved roads, I came across the videos of the Duster drivers in Turkey.  Now I understand how great fun you can have in terms of adventure and all-wheel drive. 

Shortly thereafter it was clear that the Duster had to be rebuilt. After watching many videos and getting inspiration, I modified my thick one. From additional headlights to a roof basket and Moole bags, everything is included.  


In order not to be completely alone, I founded the Duster Offroad group on Facebook and my own homepage for all freaks who adore and love the Duster.  

In the meantime I can say that the Duster is a loyal companion, especially ideal for outdoor stories.

Support/Partner Logo Schwarz

For more information and exchange with Duster drivers you can register in the Facebook group.

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