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Raising a vehicle means technical know-how.

The Bilstein company is probably one of the most commonly installed chassis for the lift kit.

Perfectly tuned for the Duster. (Bilstein B8 MKII Offroad)

Up to 30mm gain in ground clearance, in combination with the Eibach lift kit  

a longer spring deflection is achieved.

It is also important to mention that the engine should be lowered because of the wear, which means that the drive shafts are relieved.

Depending on the tire size, it is possible to get a little more ground clearance.

The advantage of raising the bike is the improved road performance, especially when cornering you notice a significant improvement in driving dynamics.

In addition, a longer service life due to transport trips with a trailer.

In combination with the all-wheel drive off-road, a completely different driving experience arises.



Anker 4
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