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Trunk expansion

You can see them in almost every vehicle, the pull-out camping kitchens. Due to their great popularity, they can also be bought ready-made. But the alternative is of course to build it yourself.
The advantage of such a kitchen is that you have many utensils more compactly together
and not first having to look through the pit park to see where something has been stored.
Thanks to an ingenious system, you would even have space for shopping and you could keep the kitchen inside.
If you transport bulky things through the trunk and still cannot get there with the space, it is advisable to make the camping kitchen mobile, i.e. with a sliding system or with fastening hooks.














If we stay with wooden buildings, they are normal wooden panels from the hardware store, mostly made of spruce.
Important before you start measuring the trunk of the Duster, from the back seat to the edge of the trunk approx. 990 mm and width approx. 1000 mm can vary from model to model.

There are a number of ways you can go about it:

1. You work with a plug-in system, which means that you have to cut the grooves on the plates so that they fit perfectly and you simply have to plug everything together later.

2. You build the box yourself as you need it. Then you buy ready-made wooden boxes and attach the rail system.

3. It is completely self-assembled, i.e. screwed, glued, etc., the pull-out drawers are also cut to size.

4. Pay attention to the weight and don't build with plates that are too thick saves fuel ;)  

That would be roughly the things you should pay attention to, further information and building instructions

is available at Dusterlife.

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