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Interview with Mircea Sucitu

Aktualisiert: 9. Juni 2021

Mircea Sucitu

Who are you and where are you from ?

My name is Mircea Sucitu,

I’m from Romania but I’m living in Poland in the last 4 years.

How it comes you drive a Dacia Duster?

I was always passionate to drive in mountains, mud, terrain where with a normal car you cannot drive. Since I moved in Poland I was missing this adventure and I was thinking to buy something second hand, cheap, to modify it, but searching and searching, also having different ideas, I saw on YouTube a lot of movies with Dacia Duster driving in of road conditions. And for me was a question mark, I thought that is not possible, but after deeply research I find out that is true, that has really good abilities in off road, so I decided to buy one specially for this.

You also lead tours, where exactly and how did you get into it ?

Yes, I’m organizing trips to Romania, in different side of the country. My parents house is at 12 km away from the top of the mountain, so growing in such a beautiful places, it will stay in your heart forever. I was all the time aware about the beauty of this country, but not aware enough until I organized from all the points of view a trip to Romania and seeing the people reaction, I realized that, yes, it’s really beautiful. The fact that makes the difference in between me and the other people which are organizing this type of trips or to travel by the tourism agency, is that I know the places, and I’m not driving on the roads what you can see on the google maps, and driving on this type of roads you will see the wildness, the real face of nature and her beauty, the possibility to eat in a shepherd house traditional food, to see hidden lakes in the top of the mountains, to be able to drive on the mountains without to be afraid that is a good road or not. I’m not going with my guests in crowded places, because this they have home, they are going in such a trip, or experience, to be one with the nature, to breath fresh air, to forgot of everything and reload the batteries. Because searching on the internet the attraction points on drive there by google maps, everyone can do that. But to know few alternative ways to go there, not many people knows that.

What have you modified on your vehicle?

I didn’t made many modifications, I consider what I made until this moment to be like necessary modifications, that it will help you. First I montage a bigger shield for the engine, the shield for fuel tank and differential. For the one who drive a diesel car, I recommend to montage a egr shield too. The next it was the tires, I montaged the biggest what you can montage on Duster, 225/75/16, I lifted with special shock absorbers made for rally raid +3,5 cm lift and Torsten differentials in front and back. For sure are a lot of accessories to add and install on the car but I slowly I will do it. Why I made this modifications ? If you want to go in one place and the road will be accessible only for 4x4 you need to protect the most important car parts, engine, gearbox, fuel tank and differential. You need a better tires for a better traction and lift to safety that you will not hit every stone from the road.

Which off-road tires are the best for you and have been rated ?

I don’t know which one are the best, on the market at least from what I know, doesn’t exist a tire to be good on mud, sand, snow, asphalt, ice, rain at the same time, you always need to know what is your needs, where you are driving mostly, how many pair of tires you want to have, etc. For now I have Yokohama Geolander G015, I’m really satisfied how is driving on the mud, but I can’t say the same thing for driving on the sand..

What was your best route, that you rode off-road with the Duster ?

The best route is on the mountains, the beauty of the view and the fact that your Duster was able to drive until there, is honestly wow, can’t be described in words.

What do you have with you when you go offroad / overlanding?

I don’t have that much to be honest, I have somewhere in the car a box with a multi tools, can be a shovel, hoe, small axe, etc and a synthetic rope in case someone get stuck. I’m counting a lot on that differentials and my skills, that’s why I don’t have many equipment

Thank you Mircea !

Thank you for your questions :)

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