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Paweł Hołod

Es ist immer schön Menschen kennen zulernen die das gleiche teilen was du liebst..... Dustern ^^

Und da es da draußen wieder einen gibt der cool unterwegs ist, gibt es für euch

6 Fragen an Paweł Hołod ( English).

Who are you and where are you from ?

Hello, my name is Paweł. I live in Poland near the city of Torun

How did you come up with driving a Duster ?

Seven years ago my wife and I were looking for a simple 4WD car to make our trips. Duster was the choice. We are very pleased with this car. Its off-road capabilities are so large that we decided to buy a second generation Duster after some time. Since then, the cars are not only used for excursions, but also for off-road fun. We founded our family band called Team Toruń and we play with our two Dusters.

You travel a lot, do you plan the tours yourself ? is your family with you too ?

I love traveling, both smaller and larger. Usually, he plans them alone or together with his family. The best trips are with my wife Ewelina and my two sons, Kuba and Szymon. We like to discover the world together in a duster. Speaking of long journeys, our favorite destination is the Balkans. However, this year we want to take a different direction and are planning a long duster trip to Morocco.

You also have a roof basket. What do you transport everything and for what exactly ?

The basket on the roof is very handy. I always carry a spare wheel, hi-lift to lift the car and gangways. For long trips, when we are driving one car, we pack waterproof bags with things that do not fit in the trunk of the car. We also have LED lighting mounted to it, which is useful at night in unknown terrain.

What do you think what are the best offroad tires for you ?

There is no universal all-terrain tire. Every day and for trips to the Balkans, we assume at bfgoodrich ko2. These tires have never let me down before. They withstand long journeys and are hard to damage in the wilderness. However, it cannot cope in the mud. Then we put on MT tires. We have recently also purchased simex tires. After you put them on, the duster becomes a tough fighter in hard mud.

What have you built into the Duster and how satisfied are you ?

I have a mudster + 5cm suspension, engine cover, fuel tank and differential fitted to the first duster. A winch is mounted at the front, which many times helped to get out of a difficult situation in the field. The bumpers are undercut to improve the approach and departure angle. There is also a snorkel that protects the engine from water and dust. The second duster is equipped with the same suspension and covers. All the modifications have increased the efficiency of the duster in the field and we are satisfied with them. This year we plan to equip cars with metal bumpers.

Dziękuję Ci :)

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